Went Missing

Sep 4, 2017

Hey everyone! 

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. This Summer has been crazy busy! Back in June I helped shoot videos for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island with a few guys, then I went on vacation in LA. 

LA skyline from Griffith Park Observatory

LA skyline from Griffith Park Observatory

Once I got back I worked on a commercial for an HVAC company. We worked 2 – 10 hour days and got it all filmed and had a great time. On my way there one day, I blew a tire, that was fun. July I shot a few weddings and started shooting some fun stuff with Southwicks Zoo through the agency I work with. 

August came around the corner very quick and I spent most of August editing and doing some more stuff with Southwicks Zoo. This past weekend was busy with 2 new weddings to welcome September and every weekend this month I have a wedding as well! 

September is going to be very busy, and so will October editing these weddings! I hope you’ve all had a great Summer so far, it’s not over yet! But I’m very sad that September is here. Anyway, have a great day and I hope you enjoyed this!