First Time for Everything

May 30, 2017

Hey everyone!

So last week a great family friend of mine Beth asked me if I would be up to take some photos of her new baby. I have never done newborn photos but I’m up for anything so I said yes of course. 

So this right here is the beautiful Brooke Denise Travers. She was very cooperative and only threw up once on Mama Goodrich (best friend’s mom). She didn’t throw any tantrums and wasn’t camera shy one bit! As you can see…

My best friend Matt (Brooke’s uncle/Beth’s brother) is in the Navy so this shot goes out to him. Love you Matt. 

Like I said I’ve never shot newborn photos before but I am pretty happy with how these came out! I hope you guys like them.

We were even lucky to get a smile out of her! (above) Huge thank you to Beth & Brian for giving me the chance to expand my work into new fields, you guys rock!

If you or someone you know is interested in newborn photos, please let me know! Fill out a contact form or shoot me an email at Thanks for reading!