A Day in the Life

Apr 24, 2017

Hey everyone. So I thought it might be cool to give you a glimpse into an average day for me. It does change constantly but I have a pretty standard routine for most days. Hope you guys enjoy reading!

1:30/2AM – Sleep. Can be later if I’m up working on an urgent project but this is the normal time. 

7:30/8AM – Wake up. Check my phone. Briefly look at any emails/texts/calls I received and see if anything seems urgent.

8:15/8:30AM – Shower then coffee. Coffee is the most important part of my day. I can’t really have a conversation/think straight until I start drinking my coffee.

8:30/9AM – Sit at my desk and fully read emails. (This time of year, I get several emails about weddings for the coming season.) Check social media. Share some of my links on FB, maybe post a photo on Instagram. Open Slack and see what’s going on with a marketing agency I work with, looking at statuses of projects, connect with a few people on the team, etc. I’ll also check out my whiteboard on the wall and look at all the current projects I’m working on and figure out which ones I need to finish soon. If I have a shoot, it’s often in the morning so I might be heading out to a shoot at this time.

10AM – Either continuing editing on a video project, a conference call with the agency, editing some photos, or on a shoot maybe. By this time, my brain is fully ready to be focused, I’ve checked in with people, checked emails, I know what I need to do. I’m probably done with my first coffee now and might have another one soon.

12PM – (roughly) Lunch. (Sometimes I’ll try to eat a late lunch so I can go to the gym comfortably around 6 or 7 without being starving or full from just eating.) I’ll stop and make something to eat. Some days if I’m really busy I’ll eat lunch while I work, other days I might just turn on the TV and relax for a few minutes. If we had a morning shoot, I’ll typically grab lunch with a guy Mike I work with, or grab a beer before heading home. If the shoot is still going, then we’re just stopping for a few minutes to eat.

12:30PM – Back to work. At this point I might stop the current project and switch to another projects. Right now I can be working on anywhere from 3-7 projects at once, so making sure I balance them all is important. But if one particular project is very urgent, I might spend the whole day on it. I’ll also go through my emails again at this point, check social media, etc. If I’m coming back from a shoot, it takes me a bit to get settled and be back at my desk working. 

3/4PM – I might switch to another project again or have a conference call with the agency, or just stop for a few minutes to get a mental break. Editing video/photos can be very strenuous on your eyes so taking breaks is helpful. It’s also a very intense on your brain so mental breaks are good.

5PM – If I’m not crazy busy on too many projects, I’ll start slowing down around this time and gradually stop working. I might reach out to the agency and go over what I did for the day, talk about what we need to do the rest of the week/month, etc. If I’m just getting back from a shoot or had a really busy day I might have a beer around this time. (and take a picture of course)

6/7PM – I’ve been trying to get healthier lately so I’ll try to go to the gym around this time. 

8/8:30PM – Make dinner. I’ve been eating sort of late dinners recently and it seems to work well with my schedule. 

9PM – I’ll watch TV. Lately I’ve been on an Impractical Jokers kick, but Blue Bloods is my favorite, so I might grab my computer and watch an episode or 2 on Netflix while I eat. 

10PM – Might go back to my desk, check out some emails, social media, etc. A lot of guys on the agency will work late so I might have a few new messages on Slack or an unread email. (I don’t always answer messages/emails/calls this late because while I do work nights pretty often, I don’t want to give off the idea that I am always available because I do like to enjoy my time off, some people will take advantage of the fact that you work from home/have your own business.)

10:30/11PM – If I’m super busy or if I’m just up for it, I might do some more work on a project, but nothing too intense. I might think about some blog post ideas or general updates for my website, or find a picture to post on Instagram or something. 

12AM – If I’m working on a really urgent project and feeling stressed, I’ll have a beer around this time. It helps me relax and surprisingly keeps me awake. (My favorite beers are IPAs.)

12:30AM – If I’m not crazy busy I’ll probably stop working, maybe watch TV for a few minutes, relax in general. I’ll usually clean up my desk a little, organize, look over my list of projects for the next day, I might send an email or a Slack message to update any projects with the team before I get ready for bed. 

12:45/1AM – Water. I always open a water before I go to bed and drink about half the bottle. I’ll keep the rest near my bed. I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day too. These days, I really only drink coffee, water, and beer. Coffee to keep me focused, water because it’s healthy and I like it, and beer, well…that’s self explanatory. I’ll get into bed around 1 and check my social media again before I fall asleep (sometimes I fall asleep while still on my phone), social media is important for someone like me because I’ll often find leads/see jobs posted on various website/apps I use, and staying active/staying on top of that stuff can put you ahead of other people. 

Like I said, my schedule changes day to day but this is a pretty normal day for me. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! If you have any questions about anything I do, don’t hesitate to ask. Or if you have ideas for future blogs, let me know! Thanks for reading everyone!