Where are you working now?

Apr 6, 2017

This is the question I get asked at almost any social event. Whether it’s a family party, out with friends, or talking to an old classmate or professor, someone asks me where I’m currently working.

In college I studied Visual Media Production. I took classes graphic design, animation, photography and of course video. Right now I call myself a Photographer and Video Producer. I don’t really work anywhere in particular, I work for myself. During school I started doing freelance work shooting/editing videos for companies and/or taking photos. I loved every minute of it so when I graduated, I officially registered a business named Neilan Videos. I called it that because my main focus and skill is in video but I do a lot of photography work as well.

I am currently an independent contractor or a freelancer and I get hired by companies or people for individual projects, short term work, or sometimes long term work. Right now, I do a lot of work with a digital marketing agency called Envision Digital Group helping to manage the video and photo aspect of the company as well as actually shooting and editing those videos and photos. I also have a close relationship with a production company in Framingham, MA called MediaBoss Television. In addition, I have clients of my own that I create videos and photos for; some more often than others, and I also shoot weddings. Over the time, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different projects, travel to cool places, and meet a lot of great people. 

This is a profile shot of what my desk looks like before I first start my day. Below the picture are several hard drives where all the media lives. 

Hopefully this helps shed a bit of light on what I do or “where” I work. I work at a lot of places and I do a lot of stuff! But if you have any questions more in depth about what I do, or would like to talk to me about a project, feel free to check out my contact page or shoot me an email at info@neilanvideos.com!

Thanks for reading 🙂