Why You Need Your Wedding Professionally Filmed

Mar 25, 2017

Everyone knows that photography is a must-have when it’s time for your wedding. However, a video is often times overlooked because of other wedding expenses. For example, according to Lifestagevideos.com, only 50% of brides-to-be consider video in their top priorities. In reality, a wedding video can be one of the most valuable memories of your wedding right up with the photos you will get from your special day. 

Did you know that 98% off all newlyweds recommend future brides have their wedding professionally filmed? And after those 50% of brides-to-be get married, 75% then consider video at the top of the list. 

Your wedding is ONE day, and you will never truly re-live it. Think about how many hours go into planning this special day; wouldn’t you want to see and hear things that you might never hear again? The vows, the facial expressions, the dances, the smiles, the laughs, and everything in between. A video captures all these pieces that the photographs won’t. 

I myself have heard countless times about new brides who either regretted not getting a video done, or did get a video done and were extremely glad they did. 

“Oh my god Mike I just watched it and cried, I lovvvveeee it! Amazing! I absolutely love it! Perfect!”
– Beth Goodrich

“Hey Mike we think you did an AWESOME job on the video!!! It’s making the rounds now with our family. Thank you! You perfectly captured the important moments (the I do’s, wedding toast, and dances) of our wedding day and delivered an amazing video that we will cherish forever.”
– Lisa & Scott Burke

Your wedding day is extremely important and it’s something you’re going to want to remember and look back on forever, and also something you will want to show your children some day. Of course weddings are expensive but there are always ways of getting a video done. This is not something you want to skip out on.

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